Transports are in our blood

Since Lars Olthoff, the founder of Olthoff Freight Solution, started 1995 his carrier in the Transport business, he had always in mind to built up his own company. The experience he has had in the national and mainly international market made him even more determined to finally see his dream come true in March 2007.

He is walking in the footsteps of his ancestors who where also working in the transport business. Originally the successful transport story of the family got started by grandfather Franz Olthoff in Hanover in 1931. He grew up on the yard of his grandfather Ferdinand Tinne who was one of the first hauliers for waste in Hanover-List. Franz Olthoff learned in his early years much about the haulage business as he started already at a young age of 18 years his own company.

In the Second World War he had to give all his horses and carriages away. After the War he had to restart the business from scratch. Quickly he owned again some horses and carriages and was transporting first rubble and later sand and gravel for new houses. In the 50th he made progress by exchanging the horse and carriages for more efficient trucks. One of the biggest customers at that time was the company Wallbrecht.

In the middle of the 70th Franz Olthoff had to sell the business due to a very severe illness. His son Gerhard Olthoff saw his future in a big logistics serving company, hence he decided not to take over the family business.

In 2007 the tradition restarted again. What for the grandfather began on the yard of his grandfather should now become even bigger. Because of the development in Europe of growing together the focus is now more than ever in international transports.

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